December Edition

Have yourself a Very Merry Christmas!

As Christmas rapidly approaches and a New Year prepares itself on the horizon, it is easy to become lost in our own little worlds; there’s pressies to buy, places to go and so many things to do. The days turn quickly into weeks, months and on it goes. This year will disappear, never to return.

How refreshing then, in these ‘gimme, gimme, I want’ times to see such a fantastic turnout for this year’s Remembrance Day, where everything else took a backseat for a while and a fabulous display of poppies caused us all to stop for a while and think about those who selflessly gave their lives. An awful lot of hard work went on behind the scenes to help make it a very poignant and special day.

Thank you!

And thank you all for supporting The Village Gazette during these early times; to the businesses that make it happen and the volunteers who deliver it month in, month out. To the contributors, the supporters and the critics, you all count. So, have the very best of times this Christmas!

As for 2019…..ding dong, bring it on!