Calverton Scouts & Guides Association – Hut Club 2018/2019

We would like to thank all members of the ‘Hut Club’ for their continued support by the renewal of their membership for the 2018/2019 year. For those members who for various reasons have dropped out this year, we thank them for the support which they have given in the past and we would like to extend a warm welcome to all new members. The Hut Club provides the money for small but essential outgoings, invaluable to the running of the Labray Scout & Guide headquarters on Main Street, Calverton. Labray was previously the village boys’ school and is very much part of Calverton’s history. The Hut Club is privileged to be able to support such a building and the scouting and guiding units who meet there.

What is ‘The Hut Club’:- The ‘Hut Club’ was set up in the sixties by the late Roy Bliss as a fund raiser to gather sufficient monies to get a ‘hut’ for the scouts and guides. At the time they were meeting in different places around the village and he wanted them to be all under one roof. He thought that if he could get 250 people to ‘take’ a number for 12 months at a cost of £10.40 it would raise £2,600.00 towards the cost of the ‘hut’.
In the early days, of course, £10.40 was a lot to pay out in one go and so volunteers would collect small amounts on a weekly basis. The volunteers were people who had children in the Calverton Scout and Guides and were happy to help.

From this income Roy arranged a weekly draw to take place throughout the year paying out £8.00 and £2.00 and in October a ‘Grand Draw’ would take place giving a 1st prize of £300, a 2nd prize of £150 and a 3rd prize of £75.00, followed by 15 prizes of £25.00. These weekly draws and the Grand Annual draw still take place.

Over the years £10.40 isn’t now so much of an expense so the collection takes place just once a year.

There are seven volunteers who collect in the subscriptions and these are Rita Robinson, Helen Beardsley, Pat Harrison, Lynda Blacknall, Dawn Mosley, Christine Snuggs and Cheryl Mosley

Today spare numbers are offered to parents of children attending the Calverton Scouting and Guide units but, of course, if any one should wish to take a number and support the group then they would be welcomed. If you are interested in having a number and supporting your local scout and guide units, then please contact Cheryl Mosley on 07967 245747

Once again thanks to all the Hut Club members for their support and for the people who have supported us in the past.

Hut Club Volunteer Collectors