Twenty-first century Calverton

The 2011 census found 7,076 inhabitants in 2,987 households. A total of 76.8% of these households owned their accommodation outright, or with a mortgage or loan. This compares with 63.4% for England as a whole.[120]

In April 2015, the High Court dismissed a legal bid by Calverton Parish Council to quash a ‘joint-core strategy’ drawn up by Nottingham City Council, Broxtowe Borough Council and Gedling Borough Council, in September 2014, with regard to the building of houses. The parish council had argued that the joint plan was based on a flawed report issued by an inspector, but the High Court said that the inspector had taken an approach that was ‘both sensible and appropriate’ in reaching an evidence-based conclusion that, to meet housing need for the area, some development on green belt land would be necessary. The effect of the ruling is to allow the plans of Gedling Borough Council, to build perhaps one thousand new homes in the parish up, to the year 2028.[121] In consequence, by that time the population of Calverton parish might approach 9,500.

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