Over the Rainbow updates

Phil Millns, a member of the RSPB,  gave a very interesting talk about his hobby of photography and showed many beautiful bird photographs.

Phil, a Nottinghamshire Police Officer,  had to be medically retired after breaking his back whilst on duty.  Photography is a hobby that he could do despite his physical limitations and found it also helped his mental wellbeing.   Phil and his wife Sharon stayed for the buffet lunch and took the chance to chat to his appreciative audience.

The Group’s physiotherapist Annabel Kingsbury and her husband Richmond are officially ‘Supersleuths’ after solving a complex murder case for which there were 8 possible suspects.  They were the only amateur detectives at the Murder Mystery play at the Ramada Resort Hotel near Grantham to solve the case.  Retired Police Inspector Michael was teased for failing to spot the culprit.

If you want information about this friendly independent group please phone Sandra & Michael on 01636 812399 or email overtherainbowuk@gmail.com

Photo    Richmond and Annabel with Supersleuth certificate

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