Neighbourhood Plan Referendum


In the recent Calverton Neighbourhood Plan referendum 1430 residents voted “YES” whilst there were 80 who voted “NO”, a majority of 1350 or 94.75%. The turnout was 26.3%, larger than many local elections.

Residents were asked to decide on this question:- 

‘Do you want Gedling Borough Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Calverton to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?’

The result means, amongst other things, that local opinion about planning and the nature of development will require additional consideration and more of the money (Community Infrastructure Levy – CIL) paid by developers for building in the village will be available to fund local amenities.

Gedling BC Returning Officer announcing the result of the Referendum after the count took place at the Methodist Church Hall.

The Neighbourhood Plan is now ready to be adopted. The term for the formal adoption of a Neighbourhood Plan is the ‘making’ of a plan – an adopted plan is said to be ‘made’. It is the responsibility of GBC to ‘make’ the plan and there is a statutory requirement that this should be done within 8 weeks of the referendum. Apparently Gedling Borough Council intend to formally ‘make’ the Calverton Neighbourhood Plan by the end of January. Since the positive referendum result, the Neighbourhood Plan has had to be given full weight by GBC in all relevant planning decision-making processes.


Representations were made by Calverton Parish Council at the latest round of Hearings into Gedling’s emerging Local Planning Document (LDP) in December concerning the lack of conformity between GBC’s Plan and the Neighbourhood Plan in a couple of key areas. Objections were made to GBC’s recently proposed Flatts Lane housing allocation, which GBC propose should be delivered within 5 years of their LPD plan being adopted. We are now awaiting the Inspector’s Report on Gedling’s Local Planning Document to find out whether any of our objections to Gedling’s emerging development plan have been given enough weight for modifications to that plan to be proposed.

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