Eh up, it’s turning out nice!

The amount of positive feedback received, following the launch of The Village Gazette, has been superb.  There have been requests for additional copies from across the district and, from the next edition, we will increase the number of copies produced, from 3500 to 5000.

As well as the interest from those keen to get hold of the magazine, there has also been a surge of interest from readers wishing to contribute articles – this is really impressive.  It is vital that a balance is achieved between articles of interest, forthcoming events and advertising.

Consequently, former miners with tales to tell, budding sports writers, experienced gardeners, historians, aspiring graphic artists, fashionistas and wannabe photographers are all invited to get in touch.  Similarly, if you know of anyone engaged in producing video content for the web; YouTube, Facebook etc. their contributions will be welcomed.

We want to hear from YOU!

Be aware that whilst advertising enables the magazine to cover its’ costs, it is the supply of relevant, interesting and newsworthy input, through the magazine and website, that will make the magazine successful.  The aim is to stimulate people to engage with each other, and to then take the actions required, to enable the community to be stronger, and a better place to live, by actively working together.

Thank you all for playing your part in getting The Village Gazette off to a flying start, it is very much appreciated!


Post Author: Malcolm Bonas

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