Hello Calverton! Hello Woodborough! Hello Lambley! and Hello Oxton!

Welcome to our brand new site!  It is a bit like moving into a new home, you know where you want to put things, you’ve an idea how it will look, but first you have to get the van unloaded, the decorating done, the electric and gas on, phone the cable guys, contact the water board…and on it goes.  Setting up a website is very similar….and we’ve just took possession of the keys!

As for the ‘hard copy’ paper version of The Village Gazette…the first edition has gone to print and will be landing on your doormat over the weekend.

We will be covering the Calverton, Woodborough, Lambley and Oxton areas initially.

If you do not receive a copy, please let us know first so we can put that right!

Please can you take a little bit of time, while speaking with your friends and neighbours, to ask them to pass on any valuable news or items of interest, so that we can ensure that the site is always up to date with fresh content.

Also, if anyone is actively video blogging, we would really like to meet up with you for a coffee and find out about what you do, what was your motivation for starting up, how have you developed your content, what kit works best for you etc.

We’d also like to hear from those of you who write short stories, poetry, have unusual hobbies, are budding photographers etc.  Everybody is good at something and we’d like to know what that is!

We look forward to this being a long, happy and eventful journey – there’ll be ups and downs, laughter and tears along the way, but the best journeys in life are those you share with others.  Thank you for your interest and support, it really matters.

The Editor




Post Author: The Editor

Middlesbrough born, joined the Royal Navy at 16, serving over 13 years and reaching the rank of Chief Petty Officer (Russian Linguist and Communications Analyst). Served aboard HMS ARROW, HMS BEAVER and HMS COVENTRY. Also served with the Royal Marines and the US Navy. Whilst onboard HMS Beaver, took on the additional role of Beaver Scout Liaison Officer, organising ship visits for the Beaver Scout Organisation (up to 5000 people at a time) both in the UK and abroad.

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    (January 21, 2018 - 12:36 pm)

    Absolutely love the picture Malcolm. Like you i also like photography & your photo truly inspires us too follow suit and send them in. As i look out my window now ( snowing ) im sure i can find some on that theme.

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